CR: The Tusker [Update 1]

Early playable version now available to download!

Changes in UPDATE 1:

– Temporarily removed ambient occlusion texture. The body is now less dark.
– Fixed problem resulting in long load times for some players (Thanks FatCat!)
– Fixed car origin point being slightly off center (Thanks FatCat!)
– Fixed flaps and panels not being crushed properly
– Improved weld points for attachables
– Blades now bend easier. This will get fine tuned more in a later update
– Hardened the edges on the main body. Work in progress/experiment, feedback on that would be nice.


Grab it here.

Screenshots from the first version (Screenshots from current update will be added soon):

Current features:
The basics +
– Dynamic damage
– Animated exhausts and engine
– detachable parts
– driver in cabin

Additional features are going to be implemented soon. Currently it uses different rims and tires, I will replace these with my own. Crushable driver, damage textures and working brake lights are also on the list.

Please leave some feedback. Thanks and have fun!

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