Max’s Steaming Package!

Yes – you’ve been asking us for it, and we’ve listened! We’re HIGHLY EXCITED to announce that ALL EARLY ACCESS CUSTOMERS (including past, current and future EARLY ACCESS owners and purchasers) of Carmageddon: Reincarnation will now also find an additional treat for them in their Steam Library, in the shape of the Carmageddon Max Pack (that’s Carmageddon 1, and the Carmageddon Splat Pack)! Wowsers! Yes, now you can play “compare the original with the NEW game” – without having to leave the comfort of your Steam Account! And what’s more, it supports LAN Multiplayer too – so you can even have some MP fun while waiting for MP to be ready for release as part of a forthcoming Carma:R Update! It’s DRM Free, too!

That’s right – if you’re one of our Early Access supporters, we want to show you our gratitude in as many ways as possible, and so we’ve decided to make the original Carmageddon and its “DLC” the Splat Pack available to you, free of charge. Not only do you get it free and with our best wishes, but you get it a week before it will become available to buy on Steam as a stand-alone product, at £5.99/€7.99/$9.99.

Stay tuned… we’ll have even more fun stuff coming your way over the coming weeks as well as the regular game Updates.

Please note that the game was originally published in 1997, and although it’s been extensively tested and “should just work (TM)” on a wide range of current PC specifications, it will be sold “as-is”, with no plans for patches, updates or bug fixes. See for FAQ and spec info, and forum/topic/27322 to discuss this in the forums and get further helpful advice from the community and Stainless, should you need it.

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