CR: [WIP] The Tusker

Carmageddon.com forum member Gravedrinker has posted his WIP beauty: The Tusker

“This is the car I am currently working on for C:R. It is still a WIP, and the textures aren’t finished yet.”

It’s an attack helicopter with its tail cut off and turned into a deadly off-road menace that ruins more days than land mines on a hiking trail. In place of the tail there is a big engine, guarded by a bumper that uses traffic lights for rear lights.

In the front you have a big plow with giant tusks that have blades attached and barbed wire wrapped around their base.

It features a fully realized suspension system that is different in the front and back, a modeled cockpit and a lot of parts that can come off in crashes and cause hilarious collateral damage.

A different back view:

Stay tuned for further update and be sure to check out the forum topic here

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